Olvis O'haglan

Petty bureacrat and tax man.


Bespectacled bureaucrat of the highest order with an overly-asserted sense of superiority, manipulative and scheming, not many ever really know Olvis’ true intentions until his plans come to fruition, and even then many may well not even know if he’s involved in some way.


When Olvis arrives somewhere it’s usually to the sound of quickly dying of music and laughter. Bringing silence and suspicion with him along with his guard, his arrival usually heralds hardship for someone, and misery is usually close to follow filling the void he leaves in his wake.

He’s the official in charge of the West ward of the town of Wirton, where the adventurers begin their adventure. He has many feelers but thankfully few eyes – he seems to know that something is afoot, but doesn’t usually know what, and many-a-joke could be made about his possible origins from an elder demon of the void with tentacles and eyes, to be met by uneasy laughter and nervous looks.

Olvis O'haglan

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