An alchemist's pathway.

2 years ago

Why hello, yes, we remember you, you were the ones who… yes.

Oh. no there wasn’t anyone who came back from that, that we’re aware of. Though I really don’t understand what they were going to do there anyway. Was it war? As I say. it makes no real sense as to what an armed column was doing going out that way.

Lights in the sky and what? Oh no, that never happened. I really don’t know what you’re talking about. Look, we don’t know what you’re referring to, no need to be like that.

Well it’s ok, but that never happened. I’m sure we’d remember if it did.

The only other information we’ve heard is that there seems to be increased hostilities from Our neighbour to the South, but I never did trust the empire, anyone who could dictate behaviour to it’s peoples is not something that exactly inspires trust.



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