An alchemist's pathway.

4 years ago.

A beginning...

Many bright lights were observed to be in the sky, some said they were bad spirits, others claimed they were stars that came to life, others came up with their own theories about the gods or other things, but one thing we could all agree upon, the strangest thing was happening in the heavens above our home, and above the home of possibly every living being on our world.

Every night they would dance and shine with the occasional flash of star light. Some times we’d see them go racing off in a straight line as if bearing some divine message with a hurried speed beyond any mortal may ever attain. It felt magical and wondrous to some, others painted signs on the outsides of their window shutters and doors during the day light, to ward off the evil that was heralding the end of the world.

Then it happened on the third night, a great flash lit the horizon as if the sun were rising, for a full span of heartbeats it remained like that. I remember being able to see my grandfather’s face as clearly as if it were day. As I tell you stranger, that’s when it all stopped. The dance of the gods servants came to an end in that one glorious moment.

Many of us went to bed that night with expectation heavily upon our breaths and in our breasts, I wanted to dance in the heavens with them. Many also breathed a sigh of relief, and in the following days came upon their ease of life as they had known it before that all began.

Now you stand before me asking about such as that which happened and everything thereafter, and all I might wish to add for your search is that a troop of republic knights with a witch finder passed through a day or so later, on their way towards where the sun lit the night, who can say why or if they will return this way, for that was over a week after the mystical display in the sky.



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