Set against a background of fear of impending war with the neighbour Ilsudan, Andoria has never been a more interesting land, it’s bleak outlook at the prospect of invasion and economic hardship become more overpowering as time progresses, wearing the spirit of the land down, and the composure of the people to fraying point.

While all of that is occurring, that’s where you all come into the story.

A night of fun on the town, trying to raise spirits can lead to a place most unexpected.

This rolemaster campaign will take the players over far and wide in search of a certain truth, leading to a place most dire, which also probably smells a bit funny, to places further afield in search of that something rather dangerous.

Magic and danger will be constant companions, but will the rewards be worth it on the Alchemist’s pathway?

It all starts in an average town, on an average day, with average porridge for breakfast.

An alchemist's pathway.

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